bestfriends vs boyfriend/girlfriend

choosing between both of them, did it ever occured to you? or which one is more IMPORTANT? did u ever thought that ur partner can be your everything that ditching ur friends is fine with you. or u would rather choose ur friends over your partner? or did ur partner ever asked u to leave ur friends for them?

I know so many girls that turn their backs on their friends once they get boyfriends. We never get to see them unless it's bumping into them downtown briefly. One of them has seriously "cut all ties" and she's with her boyfriend almost 24/7, and when they can't see each other, they're calling and texting non-stop (I should know because she was literally texting him every minute on the ONE day that I finally got to spend time with her). I would kind of understand if it was during the first weeks of the relationship but for a couple that's dated for more than 6 months already and it's still like this? Has she even thought about who she's going to turn to if they break up?

if i choose friends well my reason are pretty clear. afterall, we've known each other for a longer time and im talking about friends who are willing to share and help you with things. friends :

1) are fun to be with. most of your friends must be "sekepale" with you guys.

2) you have them there as a support system, and well, chances are, they've probably seen you through more stuff than your current partner has.

3) they are more long-term and offer a wider area of support and freedom than your current significant other.

4) A b/f or g/f is temporary, no one is a b/f or g/f forever, u either get married to them or u break up with them and therefore they lose that status and either upgrade or downgrade. Now if you were asking friends over hubby/wife, that'd be a bit different

5) easy to make up with if u had an argument compared to your partner.

6) Your friends are usually the people you turn to when your bf/gf breaks your heart, so treat them well.

7) easy to share things with.

8) a lot less sensitivive.

9) a lot less expenses.

10) There are things that you choose not to discuss with your partner and that's when your friend comes in.
Say you are having some emotional issues and you cannot talk to your partner, you would go to your friend(s) wouldn't you not?

11) more important, good friends are hard to find, so dont just ditch them :)

well if u ought to choose my gf/bf compared to your friends. there are several reasons that went through my mind.

1) partner can be our best friend too! :)

2) u dont really have a good friends who are willing to be there for you when u in need. so u choose your partner rather than friends.

3) someone who you can share every little even micro info out of u. even ur darkest secret!

4) frustrated on your friends who keep turning u down when u ask for hang out over her/his partner.

5) friends comes and goes,. True friends will stay, understand and support you no matter what. But true love is hard to find.

6) someone u can talk to without being shy. and u know he'll always be there for me.

so which one will i choose??? i personally choose to be equal. That's one of the MAIN things you should never let happen in a relationship: don't let yourself get caught up in it too much. I really don't know the whole situation because there can be factors that change whether it's friends over significant other. If your friends aren't really good friends to begin with, then the hell with them, but if they've stuck by you thick and thin and you're ditching them for someone you probably won't be with forever (of course you could lose friends too but that isn't the point)...well, you're an ass.

In my opinion, I don't think anyone should choose one over the other. Of course it's not easy to tell whether you're favoring one over the other right away but to have a general idea and occasionally think, "Am I spending too much time with my boy/girlfriend?" is a good thing to do. I think time away from a significant other is crucial for a relationship, otherwise you'll become sick of each other, so there are opportunities where you can hang out with your friends as well.

But, there are some people who find themselves more comfortable confiding in their partner and that's fine. I just think when it's excessive or to a point where your friends are hinting or wondering why you're spending so much time with your partner, then maybe you need to take a step back and observe.

both of them are equally important ( well if you have both ) 
just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean that your friends become any less important. if u manage your time wisely, im pretty sure ull manage to spend time with your partner and friends at the same time. well hari-hari jumpe bf/gf bosan jugak kan? :p

afterall things are easier said than done. what will u choose if ur partner ask you "choose ur friends or me?" what will u do?

Theoretically, this is a very easy question:
"A good boyfriend/girlfriend would never ask you to choose him/her over your friends".
"A good friend would never ask you to choose him/her over your boyfriend/girlfriend".

so if ur partner did asked u that question, u know what kind of partner uve had ea? haha..

so WHICH one u will CHOOSE?



~QoveZ~ said...

hmmm....can i hav both! hahaha >_<


i hav 2 chose.. it will b gf...

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jokesfb said...

Superb i LIKE THIS so MUCH

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